1. When is the application deadline?
    AThe current application deadline: September 4, 2022
  2. What requirements do I need to fulfil in order to apply?
    University degree in music – not just in conducting! – and full application is a prerequisite.
  3. When is the entry exam?
    For the 2022 semester, admission takes place in the form of a video, applicants must submit their valid application by the specified deadline.
  4. How long does the semester last?
    The 2022 semester begins in September and lasts until the middle of December 2022.
  5. How many applicants will be admitted?
    After submitting valid applications, 10 Young Maestros will be admitted to the program.
  6. How often will there be sessions/programs/workshops?
    There will be seminars two times a week, the time of these will be discussed and announced before.
  7. Is it a problem if I can’t participate in every seminar?
    No, but without attending lectures, participating in the program doesn’t make much sense.
  8. How much does the program cost?
    The participation fee for the first semester is a total of HUF 78,000, which will be paid in 2 instalments (first instalment until September 20, second instalment until November 1).
  9. Where can I find the payment information?
    Name: CoSyMa Art Solutions Kft.
    1112 Budapest, Gyimesbükk utca 3.
    Company registration number: 01-09-384649
    Tax number: 29254875-1-43
    Account number: 12011148-01768749-00100001
  10. Is it allowed to accept invitations during the program?
    Of course, training is specifically designed to get the Young Maestro as many requests as possible.